Because of certain reason, I can't pay the seller through the marketplace platform. Is it appropriate to use:


to ask to pay them directly to their Alipay account?

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You missed a preposition

我可以直接[转]你们的支付宝上吗? = Can I directly [transfer] your AliPay? (X)

我可以直接[转]你们的支付宝上吗? = Can I directly [transfer to] your AliPay? (O)

我可以直接[转]你们的支付宝上吗? = Can I directly [transfer into] your AliPay? (O)

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    I think it is OK. Such as 我可以转你银行吗? with the context that we are doing a transaction. Also, one can say 可以转支付宝吗? if the context has that I should transfer the money to you, and 支付宝, like Zelle and Venmo, is direct by default.
    – PdotWang
    Aug 28 at 12:55
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    I think it would be acceptable if "上" is removed.
    – r13
    Aug 28 at 22:32

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