Suppose that someone was creating a file browser application intended for people in China.

This particular file-browser is designed to translate English abbreviations into 现代标准汉语.


my_resume.doc my_resume.文档

Is 文档 a reasonable choice for doc?

The string doc is a standard abbreviation of the English word "document".

I feel like the word 文档 is intended for small short passages of text.


  • a .doc can be 1 page long.

  • a .doc can be 2 pages long.

  • a .doc can be 100 pages long.

  • a .doc can be any number of pages in length, depending on how much text people want to read.

In your opinion, what is better than 文档 for the abbreviation doc inside of file-name such as my_resume.doc?

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    If you really want to do this, 文档 is enough. However, What's the reason of doing this? The thing seems absurd to me.
    – Tec99
    Sep 18 at 15:40
  • File extensions are phasing out. Windows have been trying to hide file extensions for years. Which, in typical Microsoft fashion, left a wide open gap for milicious exploitations. But it's another story. Linux, for the most part, doesn't rely on file extensions to see what do do with files. Sep 24 at 6:47

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No, you don't translate that. Chinese people recognize .doc, .ppt, etc. They are more of symbols than words. If you translate, they won't know what you are referring to.

A similar example is CPU. Even though the Chinese for it is 中央处理单元, few people would understand the Chinese translation as it is too technical. But if you write CPU, they would understand immediately.

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