In english I would use "actually", 其实,but the particular thing I am trying to convey is that previously, I gave information that was incorrect, but now I am correcting that information.

“I go to the bar every Sunday afternoon", 我没星期天下午都去餐厅”

"well, actually, I go every afternoon", 其实啊,每天都我去餐厅喝酒!

Is this an accurate way to express this?


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    其实啊 is fine in this context. But your sentences contain mistakes. "我星期天下午都去餐厅"; "每天我都去餐厅喝酒" - note the position of "都".
    – r13
    Oct 4, 2023 at 20:06

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The disclaimer "事实上" implies the previous statement was not totally true or all the facts

  • 我在學校打了人也沒有被停課, - I hit someone at school and was not suspended.

  • 事实上,我是被趕出校了 - In fact, I was kicked out of school

其实 is less often used as a disclaimer, it is mostly used as a part of a sentence

  • 其实我是被趕出校了/ 我其实是被趕了出校

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