It's from this song:



是意中人 鬓边不败牡丹

Something about lovers. I wonder if it's a reference to some Chinese literature.

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牡丹 - Peoney has been regarded as "the king of all flowers" by the Chinese folks. 不败牡丹 is an artistic way to praise the beautifulness of the flower, which no others can compete with, wear on his beloved sideburn.

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  • 是意中人 is my beloved

  • 鬓边 sideburns

  • 不败牡丹 unwithering peony

是意中人鬓边不败牡丹 = It is the unwithering peony on my beloved's sideburn

If it were a weapon or something that fights, 不败 would mean "不曾战败" (undefeated) or "不会战败" (invincible)

But a flower on a sideburn is not a weapon and won't fight anyone, "败" here has to be "衰败"(decay) in other words "枯萎" (wither)

  • So, is it a reference to some Chinese literature?, as OP asked? Oct 7, 2023 at 14:58

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