This is a fill-in-the-blanks exercise on page 56 of 新实用汉语课本5 (photo):

那种汽车 ____ 价钱很贵, ____ 的确质量很好。

We're asked to fill in the blanks with 关联词语. What's tripping me up here: if the 的确 weren't there, I would use 虽然……但是…… such as in:


I'm fairly confident this is unproblematic.

But the given sentence has 的确, and my 语感 is telling me that 虽然……但是…… is not compatible with 的确 here (something feels off, although I can't quite pinpoint what), and I should choose something else. Although maybe I'm "afraid of ghosts", and the 的确 simply adds emphasis to the right-hand side.

Question: Is it okay to fill in the blanks of 那种汽车 ____ 价钱很贵, ____ 的确质量很好 with 虽然……但是 despite the 的确?

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    I would say: 那种汽车虽然价钱很贵,但是质量的确很好。
    – r13
    Commented Nov 5, 2023 at 23:09

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Why not? 的确 is roughly "indeed", it means you admit or agree to a certain fact, or you are very impressed by a certain fact. There's nothing incompatible with 虽然 (although) and 但是 (but).

If I were to write this sentence I would probably use 但是质量的确很好, but 但是的确质量很好 does not sound wrong to me.

The CCL corpus contains usages of both "虽然的确" and "但是的确". Here are a few examples:






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