In the song 学猫叫 (Xue Mao Jiao) are two lines that seem to have similar English translations:

  • 我想要当你的小猫猫 - "I want to be your cat"
  • 想要变成你的猫 - "I want to be your cat"

Do 当 and 变成 mean the same thing in this context, or has my English translation lost nuances that make the words different somehow?

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当 = be (in a role/ in a position)

变成 = change into/ become (something)

  • 我想要你的小猫猫 - "I want to be your little kitten"

  • 我想要变成你的猫 - "I want to become your cat"

The translator didn't follow the lyrics word for word


想要变成你的猫 - "I want to become/change into your cat"

  • "pussycat" sounds nicer!
    – Pedroski
    Nov 10, 2023 at 13:12

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