I am learning Mandarin at coursera. The reading material has a sentence like "想看的现在报名". I can guess the meaning of it as "If you want to see it, register now". But i dont know the reason why 的 is there. Thanks a lot.

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    The subject is omitted: 想看的(人)现在报名 = Those (people) who want to see sign up now
    – Tang Ho
    Nov 16, 2023 at 14:18
  • what are the few words before 想? Nov 16, 2023 at 14:21

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What does 的 mean in this sentence ... 想看的现在报名

想看的现在报名 = 想看的()现在报名. (as @Tang said)

In Chinese, sentences often omit the noun after "的", especially something general, such as "东西", "人", etc. For example,

公园里有吃,有喝,有玩儿。= 有吃的东西,有喝的东西,有玩儿的东西

一年级在左边,二年级在右边。 = 一年级的学生,二年级的学生

This is quite similar to English: The red (apple) is sweet.


All languages shorten speech. We know from practice and context what is meant.

But i dont know the reason why 的 is there.

You can leave out 的

Wanna watch, register now.

If you want to watch, register now.

Those people who want to watch (should) register now.

Those people who want to watch can register now.

哪些人想看的? 可以现在报名.
Who wants to watch? (You) can register now.

的: those (学生们, 人, 领导人, 女士们, 话)

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