my husband of 12 years has this tattoo on his chest. He got it when he was a teen. He thought it meant danger but it looks different then anything we've seen online. Can someone please tell us what this means??

Thank you enter image description here

  • Your husband is dangerous? 三合会的?
    – Pedroski
    Commented Nov 23, 2023 at 6:45

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the character is 坎 u+574e

the name of the trigram ☵, which represents water

ar the same time, it’s also the name of hexagram ䷜, which symbolises “numerous dangers” (象重重險難之義)


for more, you need to read “the book of change” (易經) lah 😸

have fun :)

btw, how come a teen can get a tattoo?

  • some places allow teenagers to get tattoos, with parental permission in the usa. Although I think this is probably a case of the tattoo artist not checking to make sure it was an adult/ it being an older time period when no one cared about it as strictly.
    – zagrycha
    Commented Nov 23, 2023 at 4:39

坎 can mean dangers, obstacles, or hurdles.

坎 is very often combined with 坷 to form the term 坎坷. 生命坎坷 is "a life with many obstacles," or simply "a tough life." 前景坎坷 is "the future has many obstacles."

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