I asked ChatGPT and I got the following response, is this correct?

"信息" (information) has a broader and more general use about being data/facts/information, while "资讯" (news) is more about the dissemination of news or the latest updates.

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资讯 is similar to 新闻 (news), in fact 新闻资讯 is often used as a whole. It's a short piece of text that conveys information to people.

信息 can refer to all kinds of information, like 身份信息 (identity information), 行情信息 (market trend information), etc.


Both 信息 and 资讯 mean information, but the former is an abstract concept that refers to something/event that carries a central message to inform the recipient; the latter is a collection of knowledge/data on something/field, such as 新闻,消息,情报, for the uses of the recipient.

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