Is theire any ressource (font, software) who give ductus for a given character with both the strokes order and the way each stroke should be drawn?

I search it to make my own writing paper depending of the new symbols I learn.

So, the my goal is to make a little software (script) witch I give a symbol and it output a writing page. That’s why website is not really useful…

In bonus, if their is any free|open source software for this it would be great.

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I feel like Make Me a Hanzi would be a good fit.

It contains beautiful vector graphics for Chinese characters, and it's free and open source (license). Hanzi Writer, for example, utilizes this database; see the demo page.

I've used characters from Make Me a Hanzi, and converted them to tikz where I can edit them manually and use them in LaTeX documents, like this:

breakdown of the character 鲨

  • Waw, this ressource is an absolute treasure. But, in order to print the ductus, does Make Me a Hanzi give a step-by-step image instead of animation? Or, at least a number on each stroke indicating the order? I am only able to generate animation with the demo.
    – fauve
    Commented Nov 30, 2023 at 11:24

Check out this old thread here on chinese.stackexchange

Looks like you need a json database with the strokes for each character. If you can find such a database, then drawing the strokes one after the other shouldn't be too hard.

Then, in a webpage use javascript. If you don't want web-based output, maybe use Python PIL or cv2.

Personally, I just look on the web, for example here if I want to see the stroke order.

After a while, you get the hang of the stroke order for most characters, even if the particular character is new to you.

But I probably would not pass the Imperial Exam for Writing Chinese!

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