I saw words like 什幺 and 这幺 in the story I'm reading. I'm wondering if it's just a typo or do people actually spell it like that. If yes, what's the difference with 么?

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    Are you sure you parsed the sentence correctly? Do you have an example from the story?
    – dROOOze
    Dec 4, 2023 at 5:26

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Both 漢典 and 國語辭典 all say 幺 can be another form of


However, both dictionaries also say 幺 have only one pronunciation ㄧㄠyao and it means small. Unlike 么, it isn't pronounced as ㄇㄛˊmó,˙ㄇㄚma, or ˙ㄇㄜme. So, it should not be used in 什幺 or 这幺.


1.a. 维科汉英词典: 幺
adj. (Trad=么, Pinyin=yao1) small n. (Trad=么, Pinyin=yao1) one on dice

(互动百科:本文章的内容选自, 并有 "互动在线" 授权许可)

1.b. 朗道汉英词典: 幺
one, youngest

2.维科汉英词典: 么
(Trad=么, Pinyin=me5) suffix of interrogative and relational pronouns

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