The document 《漢字簡化方案》 was published in 1956 by State Council of the People's Republic of China and it lists the simplification of some radicals in page 10 (see screenshot below). Here's the document in archive.org.

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The document 《简化字总表》 was published in 1986 by National Language Commission and it lists simplified characters along with their traditional counterpart from page 25 to page 34 (see screenshot of a sample page below). Characters are grouped by radicals, so it is possible to determine the simplification of each radical. Here's the document in archive.org.

enter image description here

I want to know if besides those publications, any other public institution from China has published a document with updated information on the simplification of radicals.

I am asking this question because I want to create an infographic that summarizes the simplification of each radical for convenience, so I want to use the latest official information (i.e. avoid using obsolete information.)

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It is no longer allowed to simplify an obscure character by simplifying its individual components. Therefore, the "simplification of components" table you see in older documents is no longer produced.



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