This is the title of an article from 人民网.

人民来论: 老有所学、老有所乐,更可老有所为

The first part of the article is:


为 seems to correspond with: 让老人们生活变得充实、快乐

I think they mean:

but also, old folks have something to achieve

Not sure how 为 means 'achieve' maybe that should be 'something to live for'

What is the meaning of 为 in:


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为 is a multi-meaning word, it can be 行为 = Behavior,

or 作为 = Accomplishment, which is the meaning in the paragraph. "To let elders have something to accomplish."


为 in 老有所为 means 作为--achievement. But in the context, I think this phrase can be better understood as "Old people have something meaningful to engage in in their life."

So your interpretation is right here. Please note that '为' can have diverse meanings in different contexts.

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