I want to how the rare Chinese character 𤇼 pronounce. After looking up several dictionaries, the first source said the character had entered wrongly, the second and third source did not provide any hanyu pinyin pronunciation. When I attempted to pronounce it via Bing Translate, it pronouces "暂不支持这个字的发音", so the translator does not support pronunciation of this character. Furthermore, I couldn't find this character in any book dictionaries (such as 现代汉语词典). This character is useful when mentioning people (for exmaple in Ming Shilu/明实录), but none of the dictionaries said how to pronounce this character. So, how to pronounce this character? I think it pronounces "ān" in Hanyu Pinyin. Thank you to answer this question.

(Note: The character pronunciation question for the first character 𤤰 recalled due to out of scope, as it is a Vietnamese-Zhuang-only character. )


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Zisea | 𤇼


Seems to be a Cantonese character read ngon1 or, more lazily, on1.

Its most likely Mandarin reading would therefore be an1. But, it doesn't seem to have any place in MSM.

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