CC-CEDICT: 知音 (zhī​yīn​) intimate friend / soul mate

The above word has the hallmarks associated with chengyu (idioms): (a) it has an ancient background story, reflecting the close friendship between 俞伯牙 and 钟子期, (b) its characters allude to the backstory, rather than its literal meaning.

I don't believe there's a restriction that chengyu has a certain number of characters. I recall 东道主 being considered a chengyu, with similar justification to above.

Thus I think 知音 is a chengyu, and perhaps the shortest possible chengyu. Still, I'm hardly an authority of what is or isn't a chengyu.

Question: Is 知音 a 2-character chengyu?

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There are a lot of terms that come with a back story, but they are not chengyu

知音 is not an idiom (成語), it is a literary word (文學詞)

Other examples:

伯樂 was a man who could pick out fine horses in the Spring and Autumn Period. His name is now a term for "the one with good eyes for talents". Yet, you can't say 伯樂 is a chengyu.

知己(the one who knows me) came from a chengyu 士为知己者死, but 知己 itself is not qualified to be a chengyu

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