I am wondering if there is a adjective that is similar to 没完没了, to describe someone that is won't stop at something. An example would be someone what offended you but still won't stop making jokes.

Can I use 没完没了 to describe someone like this or are any words that is more accurate?

Example would be: “他没完没了的。人家都生气了他还在开玩笑。” Can I replace 没完没了 with something else? If 没完没了 cannot be used as an adjective, what are some adjectives that could be used in its stead?

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没完没了的 is an adjective that describes an action or event. It is not suitable for describing person's behavior


没完没了的審訊 - Endless interrogations

没完没了的任務 - Endless missions

没完没了地(endlessly; persistently) is an adverb that describes verbs like "talk", "complain", or "debate". All related to human behavior


没完没了地追問 - kept asking questions

没完没了地投訴 - complains endlessly

To describe a person who often engages in such behavior, you could use 纏人的 (pestering), or 煩人的 (annoying) to describe him


他没完没了地追問,真是纏人的傢伙 - He kept asking questions, he was really a pestering guy.

他没完没了地投訴,真是煩人的傢伙 - He complains endlessly, what an annoying guy

Adjectives similar to 没完没了的:

無窮無盡的 (with no end/ endless)

無休無止的 (nonstop/ endless)

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