For "identity" or "(regional/national) identity", I found many phrases:






(There are also translations like 区域特征, but the sense here doesn't encompass the idea of "feeling to belong to...").


To be specific, how would we translate the expression "taiwanese identity" that is common in Western outlets? https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=taiwanese+identity

I wonder whether the Taiwanese literary movement 乡土文学 (commonly translated as "nativist literature" or "regional literature") could be translated as "identity literary movement".

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“identity”, would be translated as “身份認同”, or “身分認同” in most circumstances

the other four options were, . . . unimaginable 😼

how would we translate the expression "taiwanese identity" 🇹🇼









about “鄉土文學”, i disagreed that it’s “台灣身份認同文學運動”

if one need an english term, maybe “taiwanese literature” 😸

my reading experiences of literatures of hong kong, taiwan & china is, they’ve separate, unique themes since 1950s

for taiwan, “眷村” is a common topic, not appeared in other two places

for china, great leap forward, cultural revolution, being a party member or not, these’re common themes

for hong kong, how to be rich, love & good food are more common 😹

as usual, further discussion would need to clarify the definition of “鄉土文學”

btw, an “incident” 千島湖事件 in 1994, there’s significance change in the identification 🇹🇼


the newest research: 政大研究:2.4%自認中國人創32年新低


have fun :)

  • One little question: could the taiwanese "乡土文学" be also referred to as 台湾身份认同文学运动?
    – Starckman
    Feb 24 at 6:56
  • @Starckman, i added info in the answer, please reread 😺 Feb 24 at 7:24
  • 那你覺得"鄉土文學"可以被歸納為一種”身份認同文學運動“嗎?因為我大概記得是這麼學過,就是這個運動,是一種尋找台灣的身分的一次文學運動
    – Starckman
    Feb 24 at 8:27
  • 1
    @Starckman, “ 鄉土文學"可以被歸納為一種”身份認同文學運動” no 鄉土文學 existed since 1930s (there’re books like 日據時期臺灣鄉土文學的當代紀事, 文學的流離與回歸:三○年代鄉土文學論戰) and the emerging of “台灣意識” / “臺灣主體性” was in 1990s 😸 zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/臺灣主體性 Feb 24 at 13:32

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