I am well aware there of posts such as this, but I am specifically looking for videos that would be on youtube, for example. There are many videos on youtube, but I have been able to find anything that is like a lecture. I have only been able to find short videos here and there, but nothing that follows some sort of syllabus (lesson 1, 2, 3, etc.). Are there any such resources?

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    Have you tried to filter your results by playlist? – amateur Feb 6 '14 at 1:41

As what you said, Television also helps you that have all been in your seen post:

CCTV 4 (mms:// NJTV 1 - Nanjing TV (mms:// XZTV1* (mms:// XZTV2* (mms:// XZTV3* (mms:// NYTV - Nanyang TV (mms://

Besides, you can also see this:




environment is the most important. buy a ticket and fly to China, rare a house and then you would learn Chinese in 6 months. ( in Beijing, you can rare a house at $500 ~ $1000 per month )

but, I suggest you first of all have the basics of Chinese, such as: pronouciatin, the gramma, and learn more than 2000 characters.

don't study from CCTV news... even we Chinese people can not understand some of the them, such as: '一手抓农业结构的战略性调整'... '大力开展。。。把XX政策落实到实处'...

  • Buying a ticket and moving to China isn't very practical – MarkE Feb 6 '14 at 17:09

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