Budget can be translated as "预算", this translation sounds more like a verb for preestimate. While budgeted expenses can be translated as "预算费".

However, I am unsure if either fits into the follow context: "The current budget for my student employment is running low. Therefore, my boss has applied for a award increase request. My student employment allocation was increased by $1000. With this, I can work a few more weeks."

Furthermore, I notice "经费" (funds) can be a good fit into this as well.

  • After brainstorming, I am more incline that "经费" (funds) would be great in this context. As it works as a great fit, without being forced to literally use the Chinese term of "budget". As context differs.
    – Monokuma
    Mar 5 at 0:08

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"fund"(经费) is a fund you use to operate; "budget"(预算) is a fund you committed to an operation.

The current budget for my student employment is running low.

It should be "fund" instead of "budget" in the first place.

  • Funds (经费) can run out at any stage

  • committed funds (预算) can only be not enough in the first place

  • I see. I do notice that they may have mixed "budget" with “funds”. It happens sometimes with 表音文字。
    – Monokuma
    Mar 5 at 13:48

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