1. 波浪形 = wave-shaped

  2. = 波浪形;有弯曲(?)

    (For this, I was uncertain, as the word "鬈" alone just has the definition of "fine" or "beautiful" hair.


As a noun, I am wondering if "鬈发" is a good translation. I couldn't find it on online dictionaries, but was able to find it by chance through a book.

When you add the character for "发" after "鬈", its definition becomes...

鬈发 = wavy hair; hair that has some curl texture in it(鬈曲的头发)

For example:

他顶着微鬈的长发 (He has a lightly wavy long hair.)

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Simple way to look at it

Straight hair = 直髮

enter image description here

wavy hair/ curvy hair = 波浪形頭髮/ 曲髮

enter image description here

curly hair = 捲髮

enter image description here

Using 髮捲 (Curls) to make 捲髮 (curly hair)

enter image description here

捲髮 = 鬈髮


There are almost always more ways than one of expressing something!

Goldilocks: 金发姑娘 (三只熊) had straight hair (at least in Disney films), maybe she was named after the flower? 《金凤花姑娘》

卷发:形状呈卷曲的头发。curly hair or curl hair, ringlets, locks, frizzy hair
卷发:指头发因过度干燥或湿度过高而变得蓬松、卷曲、难以控制的状态。frizzy hair

She has a head full of long wavy hair.

Some people have naturally frizzy hair.


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    Goldilocks is thus named because she has golden locks, which just means golden hair, regardless of whether it’s straight, wavy or curly. Commented May 7 at 11:47
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    The 3 Bears told me she had wavy hair! 三只熊是骗子呀! I don't know about you, but I would never refer to straight hair as locks. For me, locks are curls! I suppose I get that from the German version of Silent Night: "Holde Knabe im lockig'n Haar!" But, a straight line is part of a circle with infinite radius, you could be right!
    – Pedroski
    Commented May 7 at 16:12
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    Yes, lockig in German is unambiguously curly, and if you talk about a singular lock of hair, that at least somewhat implies that it’s not just plain, straight hair. But in the plural, it just refers to a head of hair of any type, and you can find lots of examples of phrases like “her long, straight locks” in use. Commented May 7 at 17:39

Yes, 卷发 is a good translation. Depending on the context, you can also use

  • 卷毛: To be a bit informal.
  • 自来卷/自然卷: If it’s natural.
  • 大波浪/小卷发: If it’s wavy/curly.

Update based on the comment

Sorry, I thought this question is about 卷发 rather than 鬈发. 鬈发 is rarely used and probably closer to curly. For wavy hair I’d use 卷发/大波浪.

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    卷发 juǎnfà is curly hair, and I don’t see anyone suggesting that as a translation. The question is suggesting 鬈发 quánfà, a different word (which also appears to refer to curly, rather than wavy, hair). Commented May 7 at 11:51
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    You’re right. Thanks for correction.
    – kyc
    Commented May 7 at 15:38
  • I see, so 鬈 is closer to curly, or hair with curly features to it. While 波浪 would be closer to wavy
    – Monokuma
    Commented May 8 at 15:08

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