In an obituary I read a couple of days ago, #汪耕逝世#中国共产党党员,教授级高级工程师,中国科学院学部委员(院士),世界著名汽轮发电机专家,上海电气集团上海电机厂有限公司原副厂长、副总工程师、上海交通大学兼职教授汪耕同志,于2024年5月8日12点31分因病医治无效,在上海逝世,享年96岁。(南京日报)​​​, there are words 教授级高级工程师 to address an academician of China who passed away.

Does that mean he was a senior engineer as good as a professor in a college?

Why can't he be described simply as a senior engineer?

Is professor a level or a standard against which proficiency or competence is measured?

Are there other versions like 教授级医生,教授级经济学家,教授级运动员, etc?

  • It is a self-proclaim/promotion made by the person who put up the obituary.
    – r13
    May 10 at 13:31

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教授级 professor class

高级工程师 senior engineer

It means he's not only a great engineer, but he is also good at teaching at the highest level (qualify to teach at universities)

Are there other versions like 教授级医生,教授级经济学家,教授级运动员

There can be. Not all elites are good at sharing their knowledge through teaching

For example, as a Go teacher, a 9 Dan Go player might not be as good as a 1 Dan who teaches Go for a living


Can you provide more information on this, such as, the origin text. As a Chinese native speaker, i also feel confused about this.

I guess it may means senior engineer who works in an university as a professor.

  • The message is from social media Weibo.com, as follows: #汪耕逝世#中国共产党党员,教授级高级工程师,中国科学院学部委员(院士),世界著名汽轮发电机专家,上海电气集团上海电机厂有限公司原副厂长、副总工程师、上海交通大学兼职教授汪耕同志,于2024年5月8日12点31分因病医治无效,在上海逝世,享年96岁。(南京日报) ​​​He is a part-time professor only. May 11 at 7:08

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