They both mean to control, pilot something. A car, a horse, a plane.

So what's the difference? Is one a colloquial term and one formal?

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駕駛: drive; pilot (used to describe operating man-made transportation, for example, driving a car, or piloting a plane/ ship. We ride a horse, not driving it because a horse is not a man-made machine)

駕馭: control; keep under control (mostly used in the metaphorical sense, describe controlling something natural like people, a river, or horses)


共和黨無法駕馭川普 (The Republican Party cannot control Trump)

以水壩駕馭長江 (Controlling the Yangtze River with Dams)

駕馭馬匹是一門技能; 駕馭下屬是一門藝術 (Control horses is a skill; control underlings is an art)


駕駛:Mainly refers to the real actions of driving a car and riding a motorcycle 駕馭:It refers to ability. For example, I can control this person. It means I can control this person.

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