I was just wondering how the word 'awkward' would translate to Chinese in the context of a photo. How could you say 'I look awkward in this photo', meaning a bit unsure of how to look in the photo; unphotogenic. I have seen the word ‘尴尬’ being used but I think this more denotes self-consciousness/embarrassment while awkwardness is a bit different to that. Would 尴尬 still work in this situation? Thank you.

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不上相 means unphotogenic. To be clear, it’s only used in the context of photos and doesn’t mean awkward in general. Also, it could be considered a euphemism for ugly, just like unphotogenic.

Nowadays, the meaning of 尴尬 (and also 尬) is gradually expanding. I think if you use 尴尬 (or simply 尬), people can still understand you perfectly.

Below is a real-world example posted on 6/10:

感谢XX给我拍了一张这么尬的照片。 (Thank you, XX, for taking such an awkward photo of me.)

  • Thanks for your help and the example provided, it's good to know that 尴尬 is now starting to be used in different contexts.
    – Olivia
    Commented Jun 13 at 19:54

When a photo looks 'awkward' it means it looks 彆扭

2.不通順、不流暢 = not smooth

It also means it looks 'unnatural'(不自然) or 'strange' (很奇怪)

  • Very useful, thank you.
    – Olivia
    Commented Jun 13 at 19:53

awkward: original meaning: "in the wrong direction," later: "clumsy, wanting ease and grace in movement", now also "embarrassed, ill-at-ease"

'I look awkward in this photo.'

  • This is very helpful and thank you!
    – Olivia
    Commented Jun 13 at 19:55

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