The phrase on the right, next to is theres some context. From what I found it means x處化 but idk what the 1st one means. Any help appreciated :)

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The three characters together (henceforth: 【XY化】) probably make up the name of a high-ranking military officer serving King Wǔ Dīng of Shāng, as can be gathered from numerous fragments. For example:

  • 《合集》5440 正


    Divination on the day of yǐsì, Oracle 㱿 asked: Will 【XY化】 support1 the king's affairs?

  • 《合集》6650 正


    Divination on the day of bǐngchén, Oracle 古 asked: Will 【XY化】 receive divine protection? On a day of wùzǐ, 30 days later, 【𢦏】 is defeated.

The fragments in your image are filled with records of 【XY化】 attacking () a tribe called 【⿱角廾】.


  1. 蔡哲茂《釋殷卜辭的(籫)字》
  2. 馮時《古文字與古史新論》p. 228

the rightest three characters are recorded in 甲骨文合集 5439正,5440正

enter image description here

enter image description here

well, only the third one is recognised as “化”

the second one is treated as “冖” + “止”

the first one is not yet recognised (represented by t3, or t81) 😿

enter image description here

have fun :)


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