I cannot find too much information about the official title 王府率, mentioned in the 舊唐書‧曹确傳 :


There is another occurrence of 王府率 in the 舊唐書‧陳夷行傳, suggesting that it is of the 六品 rank :


Finally, a comment from 胡三省 in 資治通鑒‧卷二百五十 :


What would be an adequate translation of the official title 王府率 ? In the texts above, the emperor 文宗 wanted to assign this title to the musician 尉遲璋, so I doubt that it has a military nature like 東宮十率.

[Edit] : 尉遲璋 is actually a 伶官. The musician 李可及 in the aforementioned texts has got the title 威衛將軍, so it's likely that 王府率 has also a military nature.

The Dictionary of Official Titles in Imperial China (Charles O. Hucker) was not helpful on the matter.

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    one meaning of "率[shuài]" is "leader - 领导者,统帅,首领". I think 王府率 is a supervising position in the prince's residence (王府) in charge of miscellaneous works of the residence (王府琐碎事务).
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in the book “御批資治通鑑綱目”, volume 卷五十下 has an annotation (no. 190):



率與帥通音: the characters “率” and “帥” share the same syllable

所類反: 所 soh2 + 類 lui6 —> sui3

王府之率: the commander of a prince’s mansion

掌兵仗羽衛之政令: superintends the orders of security personnel, guard of honour

總諸曹之事: chief of staffs affairs

so, “王府率”, might be interpreted as “prince’s mansion chamberlain“ 😸 imo

have fun 😺

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