https://www.rfa.org/mandarin/pinglun/jujiaoweiwuer/ylxt-04302024130500.html has
过套近乎是要套 user suggestion using online dictionaries esp. BKRS:to befriend (be friendly to) (s.o.) in order to get (ferret out) (s.th.), in the present case 她的话 could mean "information")

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The original sentence is "两位维吾尔警察实际是通过套近乎是要套她的话。"

I think it would be easier to understand/translate if modified as "两位维吾尔警察 实际是 通过"套近乎" 去她的话"

  • The phrase 套近乎 originally meant "Use cordial words or gifts to build closer relationships". Here, it means the police used homogeneity as bait to get closer to her.

  • The 套 in bold is a verb that means "cheat/trick to get something out".

The translation is:

  • Actually, these two Uyghur police were to cheat/trick the word out of her by building a closer relationship with her.

The multiple 套 probably confused you.

It has to be parsed this way : 通过套近乎,(是)要她的.

通過 = via; by; by means of; through

套近乎 = worm one's way into being friends with sb. (usually derogatory)

套話 = to coax a secret from (or out of) someone; to trick someone into telling the truth


两位维吾尔警察: 2 Uighur police agents
实际: actually, really
通过套近乎: by means of ingratiating themselves
套话: polite talk
套她的话: trick her into telling (them something)

Two Uighur police agents are trying to get the truth from her by ingratiating themselves with her.

Ingratiating is better than torture!

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