This may be a SE dialect thing, but plenty of my friends say 我 "ma" 好的 to mean 我很好 or "ma" 好的 to mean good or I agree with you.

Can someone tell me which character (if there is one) is supposed to be used here?

  • I've also only ever head 'man' - you don't have to be too far south to hear this though. At least, all my Wuhanese friends talk this way.. – Ciaocibai Dec 14 '11 at 0:26

I think you mean "man" instead of "ma"? If so, it's 蛮.



Some people might write “我满好的”, but it is NOT in a professional style.

However, I found it seems that Taiwanese prefers to write “满好” but not “蛮好”.

It is best to be wary of it:)

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