I want to either say last year I moved to Leeds or last year I started studying at Leeds University.

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  • moved to xxx: 搬家到 xxx enrolled at xxx: 进入xxx学习 – AGamePlayer Mar 24 '14 at 0:40

去年 (last year) 我 (I) 搬 (moved) 到 (to) ... (name of place)。

Qùnián wǒ bān dào ...

去年 (last year) 我 (I) 开始 (started) 在 (at) ... (name of university) 读书 (study)。

Qùnián wǒ kāishǐ zài ... dúshū

去年 (last year) 我 (I) 被 (by) ....(name of university) 录取 (enrolled) 了。

Qùnián wǒ bèi ... lùqǔle.

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Based on OP's question, it should be



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    is it that hard to look up Leeds University? 利兹大学 – Mo. Mar 23 '14 at 11:15
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last year I moved to Leeds.

last year I started studying at Leeds University.

'moved to [place]'
搬 到 [place]

'enrolled at [place]
进入/参加/录取 到 [place], 录取:get admitted to the University.
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