Wondering where to put a time frequency word in a Chinese sentence?

Which one of the following sentences is correct?

我每个星期去四次大学 or 我每个星期去大学四次?

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Both are correct.

You can say 我每个星期去四次大学 or 我每个星期去大学四次.


the former sounds weird. it roughly translates to "I go four times to university every week". while the latter feels more natural, "I go to university four times a week".

  • Agree. The latter one is more natural, though the former one is also acceptable in spoken language.
    – Stan
    Jun 3, 2014 at 16:29

All are right but means a little different.

If you want to stress going to college, you may use the 1st one. If you want to stress 4 times, you should use the 2nd one.


Both of the sentences are correct and they have the same meaning.


In "我每个星期去四次大学", "university" sounds less important to you, just like "我每天去六次厕所 (I go to toilet six times a day)".

"我每个星期去大学四次" emphasises on the number of times you go to university. "University" sounds more important in this case.


我 每个星期 去 四次 大学


我 每个星期 去 大学 四次

Both sentences are OK in modern Chinese. I myself prefer the latter.

In fact, the word order in Chinese is not that strict. So, the above example sentence can also be as follows:

每个星期 我 去 大学 四次

每个星期 我 去 四次 大学

大学 每个星期 我 去 四次

我 去 大学 每个星期 四次

我 去 大学 四次 每个星期

每个星期 四次 我 去 大学

Perhaps there are more possible combinations.

  • 呃。。。如果这样说话的话,现实里会被打吧?
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    Sep 30, 2022 at 7:40

In real life selfdom people would say 去大学, this is very wired. you can say : 我去大学上班 or 我去上班 or 我去大学的办公室

so, in these 2 sentences, the content in bracks[] are 副词(adv), which order is flex.

  • 我[每个星期]去[四次]大学
  • 我[每个星期]去大学[四次]

so, both of them are grammar correct


我每个星期去四次大学, you repeat the action(verb) 去 four times a week.

Such as: 你每个星期去几次大学?去四次。

我每个星期去大学四次, you repeat the whole event(verb+noun)去大学 four times a week。

Such as: 你每个星期都很忙吗?是啊。我要去大学四次,去医院看我妈妈五次,还有很多事情。

Sometimes it is critical to have the correct order of words. For example:

我每个月领取四次三千五百元的工资。(OK) (14000)

我每个月领取四次工资, 三千五百元。(not good)

我每个月领取四次工资, 每次三千五百元。(OK) (14000)

我每个月领取四次工资, 一共三千五百元。(OK) (3500)

我每个月领取三千五百元工资四次。(not good)

我每个月领取三千五百元工资,要分成四次领取。(OK) (3500)

我的工资是每个月三千五百元, 分成四次领取。(OK) (3500)

我每次领三千五百元工资, 每个月领四次。(OK) (14000)



我的回复: 一周 与每周 都是 正确的用法与语法,但是每周用的更多一点。 你应该把: 每周 写成了: 每个, 每个 用在这里是不正确的。

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