To improve my listening skills, I often watch television shows. Many Chinese-produced television shows, however, are difficult to understand due to context (for e.g. the setting, situation, and characters are too far outside of my schema).

However, when watching American or British TV shows, dubbed into Chinese, I can usually follow the conversations much more easily, either because I am already familiar with the series or can make guesses based on the context.

I'm trying to compile a list of English and Chinese names of US or UK TV shows which have been dubbed into Chinese. Do you know of any studios which frequently makes Chinese-language dubs for TV? Such information might be a good place to start in finding which shows have been dubbed.

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I found this post, "What popular science fiction TV shows are available with Chinese dubbing?", which provides links to various services. I am not advocating these services as most of them are illegal, however it will provide you with good information and many examples of movies and series that have been dubbed.

Examples are verycd.com which now no longer provides links to illegally stream, but will provide you with info of different series that have been dubbed.

NORMTEAM, e.g. http://www.normteam.com/thread-33919-1-8.html


These should provide you with plenty of examples. However you will need to dig a bit to find what you are looking for and I personally wouldn't attempt to view anything from these sites because the software is so damn dodgy.

The problem is there are literally thousands of shows that have been dubbed in Chinese. If I was after this information and it was just for personal use I would just go to my local Chinese video store and ask them what dubbed series that have on offer.

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