I found this sentence and its English translation on tatoeba.org:


Beyond this I know nothing.

Now I'm trying to parse the sentence structure, and I'd like some confirmation or a correction, please. I think that 我知道的 means "what I know" or "the things that I know". Then 就這麼多了 means "just this much". So I might literally translate the sentence as, "What I know is just this much, and no more."

Am I on the right track?

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I think you are close.


知道 = to know

我知道 = I know

我知道的 = What I know

就 = Just

這麼多 = this much

就這麼多了 = Just this much

I personally wouldn't translate this as "Beyond this I know nothing." It would be closer to "What I know is just this much", however I would translate it as "I only know this much". I don't see where this sentence would insinuate the "and no more" or the "beyond this"; it is not expressed in the sentence.

It's the type of sentence that would benefit from a bit more context to get a more accurate translation.


without over-thinking, it translates to: This is all I know.

maybe i watch too many detective movies, in which the guilty will end their confessions w/ "我知道的就這麼多了"...which to me translates to "this is all I know" in english dialog in such settings.

  • Nice example of usage. May 24, 2017 at 13:29

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