I often misread these words and got mistaken between each other:

  • 旅 = Lǚ
  • 斿/游 = Yóu
  • 施 = shī
  • 旋 = Xuán
  • 族 = zú

as each of them doesn't have related phonetic indicator that I can use as clue to remember their pronunciations.

Any tips to remember their pronunciations?

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    To add more to the headache: 旋 and 游. I remember when I was a kid I always mistook 旅 and 旋 and sometimes wrote 游 as 氵旅. I don't have good tips though; all it takes is concentration of mind and lots of practice. – NS.X. Jun 10 '14 at 22:20
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    游 is pretty easy - you probably already know the word 游泳 and 游 has 三点水 - kind of looks like someone swimming too with the 子 under there... – user3306356 Jun 11 '14 at 8:49

well, I suppose the only useful tip is practice :)

but if a little imagination may help, perhaps I can say a little about 施 though。

Now i am sure you have noticed about these five words they have the same "left-portion" and the "upper-right portion" in the way they write as.

so take a look at what's left if we take those portions out.

you will see a 也。You may think of 也是,couple this 也 to a 是,which pronounces as SHI!

Then you might be able to remind yourself 施 is pronounced as SHI!

HAHA! :p anyway don't worry, practice more, then you'll be fine

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