It seems that a lot of colloquial English terms are actually seen to be quite formal or academic in Chinese.

In English we have the term dynamics as in: group dynamics, social dynamics, psychodynamics and sociodynamics. While the specific definition of each term might differ the basic idea of dynamics in each is more-or-less the same. Here dynamics can be used in every day speech with out making the speaker seem like he or she is pontificating or being overly showy.

Wikipedia has a few translations for these terms, for example:

  • group dynamics = 群体动力学 or 团体动力学

  • sociodynamics = 群聚效应

I wouldn't feel comfortable throwing around xxx动力学 or 群聚效应 in Chinese though, for fear of not being clear enough.

Is there a more basic phrase or terminology that can express this concept without being overly formal/academic?


Just use 动力, as in 航空动力, 生命动力 and 社会动力.


group dynamics - 群体互动(行为)

social dynamics - 社会互动(行为)

psychodynamics - 心理活动(学)

sociodynamics - 社会动力(学)

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