I'm trying to explain a situation I was in recently in written Chinese. How would I say "Luckily, right at that time Mark heard my voice" Would it simply be 幸亏, 她正好那时候听到我的声音,马上叫了起来“

Thanks for helping out! I'm most interested in how to say "Right at that time" in different contexts

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"right at that time" == "剛好", "當時"

"Luckily, right at that time Mark heard my voice" => "幸好當時 Mark 聽見我的聲音(呼叫)"

  • Henry, two quick questions, So 1. I know that 当时 literally means at that time, but I'm trying to imply RIGHT at that time (as in it was a coincidence) would 当时 still work in this context? 2. Why did you change 幸亏 to 幸好?
    – Stephen
    Jul 27, 2014 at 22:18
  • (1) "當時" also means "right at that time". There is no need to say "正好那時候". (2) For "幸虧"vs "幸好", it is just a matter of taste. You may refer to facebook.com/note.php?note_id=420044861383271 for a more detailed discussion.
    – Henry HO
    Jul 28, 2014 at 0:16

There's always the jukuu method: Go to jukuu.com (or youdao or icba) and type in "right at that time" or "just then" or similar phrases. You will see a wide variety of Chinese and English equivalent sentences.


Depending on the context, 正好 might work for you also.

[modif: 正 just + 好 good]

2 chance to, by coincidence

我正好那天下午没课, 可以陪她进城。

Wǒ zhènghǎo nà tiān xiàwǔ méi kè, kěyǐ péi tā jìnchéng.

It happened that I did not have class that afternoon, so I could go to town with her.

-Tuttle Learners

This is more of a "just as it happens" kind of phrase but that could also totally fit your, "right at that time," depending on the, specific, context, of course. If you mean in the sentence that mark, just happened to - by chance (maybe you called him many times and on the last try...) heard your voice then 正好 can work here also.

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