In english there is a common expression that is "I did (something) as much as I would in (A period of time)". Generally in this pattern the period of time is a large period of time - and the expression is used to express a sense of being impressed. I'm trying to figure out if Chinese has an equivalent expression - or a similar way of expressing the meaning.

For example, how would I say "I laughed more today than I usually would in a week" Could I say: "今天我笑得比正常的一个礼拜多“

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You own answer is almost correct. I'd add one character to make sound more natural:


It should be:


I think 平时 is more proper than 正常, 平时 means normal times while 正常 simply means normal, in this situation, 平时 would be better.


A more natural way may be: “我今天**一天**笑的比一个礼拜的还多“. "一天" is added after "今天", to compare with “一个礼拜", so it will be empathized. Similar to "as much as" in original sentence.


You might not use English sentence construction in Chinese.

In Cantonese, I would say


Using more format construction


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