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I'm a big podcast fan, and I think listening to Chinese podcasts would be a great way to improve my listening skills. I enjoy listening to 慢速中文, but I've already listen to all the podcasts they put out.

I'm looking for something at the upper intermediate level that covers a range of topics - I really like the way 慢速中文 covers anything they think is interesting, is well produced, and features a selection of great music as well...

Does anyone have good suggestions for Chinese podcasts I should check out? What Chinese podcasts have you found to both good for your listening skills, and interesting to listen to?


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Have you tried chinesepod.com? They have podcasts on a variety of different topics across a range of different levels.


I don't know what kind of material is your favorite,but you can try to search "有声小说",there are a lot of audio novels in the results.I recommend a novel with the name"明朝那些事",it is about the history of Ming dynasty, and it's popular in China.


How about 新浪新闻? You can view latest TV news from CCTV etc from this podcast. It could be boring though.

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