Here is the work that I have done so far. Thank you for any help finding the missing characters (I don't need the translations, per se but just seeing a clear copy of the character would be helpful).

I have some problems with seeing some characters in this older copy of a book (the Chinese character is sometimes too dark to distinguish strokes and scanning doesn't help).

There are multiple questions because I want to show the work in context. I could break these up into smaller questions but that would not be helpful to other learners (learning conversation) and would unnecessarily clog the website.

四十分鐘後會 (?) 火 (?)

。。。。(?) 有半個人在

Also not sure how to interpret the characters on the last panel

Here is what I have so far: (Please let me know if anything is wrong)

是誰在說話? (Who is talking?)

快出來! (Come out!)

好可怕! (Awful! How Scary!)



(Based on answers, please note the updates. Thanks for the help.)

四十分鐘後會 (?) 火 (?) ➾ 四十分钟后会被火烤

。。。。(?) 有半個人在 ➾ 没有半个人在

Also not sure how to interpret the characters on the last panel ➾ 咚卡咚 (appears to be sounds)

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四十分钟后会被火烤 (it) will be roasted (by fire) in forty minutes

没有半个人在 there's not even half-a-person here!

咚卡咚 onomatopoeia (maybe like 'den den den' or whatever)

the only correction I would make is on your 好可怕! (Awful!) I would translate this as how scary! instead...


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