While reading a comic book, I have some problems with seeing some characters in this older copy of a book (the Chinese character is sometimes too dark to distinguish strokes and scanning doesn't help).

Here is the work that I have done so far. Thank you for any help finding the missing characters (I don't need the translations, per se but just seeing a clear copy of the character would be helpful).

There are multiple questions because I want to show the work in context. I could break these up into smaller questions but that would not be helpful to other learners (learning conversation) and would unnecessarily clog the website.

Pane 1 ( ? ➜ missing character )


Pane 2 ( ? ➜ missing character )

那些都小事一(?):-> looks like 香 with a radical

Pane 3 ( ? ➜ missing character )



Pane 4 ( ? ➜ missing character )



Pane 5 ( ? ➜ missing character )

你一定想問我为社么知道对不对?:You must know what to ask me for, right?



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Panel 1

你是指我會被吊起來,和被火烤嗎?: "Are you saying I will be strung up and roasted with fire?"

Missing character: , ,

Panel 2

這些都是小事一樁: "Those are all no big deal."

Missing character:

Panel 3

我會讓你到老死之前都不會遇到大波折: "I'll make sure you meet no major set backs until you die of old age."

Missing character: , , ,

Wrong character: -> 會|会

Panel 4

你是說你能夠知道一個人的命運: "Are you saying you can see someone's future?" (or more literally: "know a person's fate")

沒錯: "That's right!"

Missing character: ,

Panel 5

你一定想問我為什麼知道對不對: "You must be wondering why I know, right?" (or more literally, "wanting to ask")

嗯, 對: "Umm, yes."

Wrong character: ->

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