I'm a bit confused on how to use the expression "The next time" in chinese. I originally wrote (after going to Kigali for the first he realized there were no ethiopian restaurants) 于是, 他下次回基加利时, 就决定开这个餐厅。
But my friend told me that a better way of saying it is 他再次回基加利时

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下次 : next time

再次 : once again

You said it's in the past tense, I think 再次 is better.



'下次' means in the future. '再次' is better here.


Both 下次 and 再次 suggest that he returned to Kigali more than once. If that's not what you mean, use neither: 他回到基加利後, 就决定开这家餐厅

Note that you use 家 with shops, not 个

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