I'm interested to see if there is a specific translation for "Crowd" as in "crowd at a concert". To say "We entered the crowd at the concert" would it be 那一群人? or 观众? or is there a better way to express this?

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    听众 probably fits concert better: hence all the listening they do! 观众 is more for watching. – Mo. Sep 8 '14 at 5:10
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    Just depends on the situation: 1) The crowd at a concert (音乐会的听众) 2) The crowd watching the football game(看球的观众) – xqMogvKW Sep 8 '14 at 6:01

Yes there is. For "crowd" in "the crowd in a concert" we say "聽眾"; for "crowd' in "the crowd in a ball game" we say "觀眾".

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"听众" and "观众" are two kinds of "audiences". The word "crowd" itself means "人群" or "众人".

"The crowd at a concert" = (听) 音乐会的人群 = 音乐会的听众

"The crowd watching the game" = 看比赛的人群 = 比赛的观众

Therefore if you want the translation of the word "crowd" I will suggest "人群" or "众人" rather than "听众" or "观众".

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