The answer at https://chinese.stackexchange.com/posts/9675/revisions offers "这道菜" to say "this kind of food". This looks like a very useful phrase, which I had not seen before (and if I've heard it, it did not stick with me, but that could easily happen). How widely can you use 这道 for "this kind"? What kinds of things would it apply to? Is it informal, slangy, quite formal?

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    If you want to say "This kind of dish" rather than "this dish", you can say 这种菜 Sep 22, 2014 at 16:03

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this kind of food seems weird.

is the measure word for here, so 这道菜 just means this food/dish.

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    道 is not limited to 菜. e.g. 这道题 这道公式, etc.
    – Xiaoge Su
    Sep 24, 2014 at 1:33

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