This question is about possible translations of "振聾發聵" in English.

Figuratively, this phrase is used to describe someone's article is penetrating and insightful. I know this. Nevertheless, I am seeking after a more succinct, pithy word in English to translate it.

Thank you so much for your ideas.

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A Chinese-English Dictionary

rouse the deaf, enlighten the benighted

先生这番议论, 真可谓之振聋发聩。

Xiānsheng zhè fān yìlùn, zhēn kěwèi zhī zhènlóngfākuì.

Your arguments, sir, would make a deaf man hear and a blind man see.

Make a deaf man hear and a blind man see is a nice phrase.


lit. so loud that even the deaf can hear (idiom); rousing even the apathetic

rousing even the apathetic is nice too.

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