Could anyone tell me, what's the meaning of this word: 高冷? Haven't found any translation in the dictionary or any explanations.

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    What's the context?
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It's an internet slang, so you can't find it on a normal dictionary.

高 refers to 高高在上,高傲, which mean "to be arrogant", "to have an attitude of looking down upon someone"

冷 refers to 冷漠,冷冰冰, which mean "to be indifferent", "unconcern"

so 高冷 basically means a cold attitude.

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How about "aloof"? In addition to cold and distant, the person also puts him/herself on a higher position than the listener.

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高冷 is abbreviated from 高贵冷艳

高 means 高贵, which means "noble"

冷 means 冷艳, which means "beautiful and not easy to get close"

高冷 is usually used in conversation with friends as a joke. Usually not a bad word.


高 冷 means standing on the fridge (tall and cold ) :p

  • More like a snow-covered mountain? Commented Apr 7, 2020 at 9:34

"Gao Leng" means a man who is an inward-looking person. Someone occasionally pretends to be "Gao Leng".

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