What does it mean when you use "作" as a measure word for people ? for example, in 沈从文‘s 《丈夫》 I read the line 都使这作丈夫的想起了村长同乡绅那些大人物的威风

Is 作 different from 位?

  • 作 is totally different from 位. In your case, 作 just happens to be replaceable by 位 ONLY after removing 的 in 丈夫的, making it: 都使这位丈夫想起了村长同乡绅那些大人物的威风.
    – Pete C.
    Commented Oct 3, 2014 at 21:16

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It's not a measure word. It means act as; be.

作丈夫的 could be translated literally as The people who act as husband, or just The husband.

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