How appropriate, in terms of casualness and/or childishness, is "拜拜"? Is it as childish as "Bye-bye" would be in English, or is it more acceptable?

In case location matters, I'm mainly interested in how it's viewed in Taiwan.

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拜拜 is not casualness and/or childishness,it is a more friendly way to express goodbye ,and majority use between people who have good relation,or see somebody for the first time and build a friendship each other. So does it in Taiwan I think:)

  • And it applies to Hong Kong too. As ah_hau said 再见 or 再会 is more formal than 拜拜 but none of them are childish as in English.
    – Pete C.
    Oct 3, 2014 at 22:19

拜拜 is not considered childish, but is more casual than other forms of good-bye. It can be use on children / friends / even seniors, but should not be use for Clients / business partner / etc.


is bye bye consider childish? then formal 1 would be : good bye?

拜拜 got another meaning as praying.


and more formal replacement would be : 再见 or 再会 which closer to see you again.


I don't think it's childish in Taiwan,at least not in TV.

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