Is there any online dictionary German-Chinese and vice versa that allows user participation?

I know of

  • handedict.de, dormant since 2011, forums down, but allows downloading a wordfile
  • dict.leo.org, working, but crummy participation: must ask in forum to have a word added, does not allow downloading a wordfile
  • wiktionary, working, but inconvenient lookup, may compile wordfile from dump inconviently

No user participation in

  • chinesisch-lernen.org
  • chinalink.de

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This is not exactly a dictionary, but if you have individual words you need to find the meaning of quickly, you may want to try this:


I have used Chinese-English, and occasionally other languages as well. As with many digital translation devices, the result isn't always ideal, but you can probably use this as an additional reference.

A word of caution: it does not do idioms well.


Google Translate allows some degree of user participation. Strictly speaking it's not exactly a dictionary, but you can use it as one.


Try this one: http://www.godic.net/ (hope it helps)

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