Is anyone willing to help me edit this monologue for grammatical errors? If so, I would really appreciate it. I have chosen the most simple words I know to make performing it easier.

我下课以后常常去我的实习。 我以后我的实习我有课一遍。 我的最后课六时完毕某些天, 八时其他天。 然后我常常开始我的回家作业。 至少有一次每个星期我有Amnesty International会议. 这是一个人权组我跟我的男朋友开始。 如果我有会议,我得回家作业我开始后。 我的奖学金需求五个课,所以我有课每天。 周末,我也很多了学习。 如果我有时间,我星期五试试玩儿跟我的朋友们,和星期日吃饭跟我的妈妈。 有时我恐怕没有时候。 如实, 我很忙和不能等到休息。 但是, 我有这些机会是很祝福。

After class I often go to my internship. After my internship I have class again. My final classes end at 6pm on somedays, and 8pm on other days. After, I often start my homework. Every week at least once a week I have Amnesty International meetings. This is a human rights organization that I started with my boyfriend. After I have a meeting, I start my homework. My scholarship requires me to take five classes, so I have class every day. On the weekends, I study a lot. If I have time, I try to go out with my friends on fridays and eat dinner with my mom on sunday. Usually I don't have time. Honestly, I am extremely busy and I can't wait till break. Yet, I am very blessed to have these opportunities.

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Hope this will help.


我下课以后常常去实习 ( i often go to intern-ship whenever the class is finish ).

实习以后我还有一堂课(After the inter-ship i still have a lesson).

我的最后一堂课有时会在六点钟结束,而其它天都会在八点钟结束。 (My last lesson will ended at 6 o'Clock sometimes,while others day will ended at 8 o'Clock) .

然后我就会开始做作业。(Then i will start to do my homework) .

每周至少有一天我都会有个Amnesty International会议. (At least one day a week i will have a meeting of Amnesty International.

这组/会议是由我和我男朋友举办/开始,它是关于人权。(This group/meeting is organized/started by me and my boyfriend, It's about human rights.

如果我有会议,我得回家作业我开始后。// im not sure what you're trying to express here ,perhaps you can translate it to English first and then i will help you to translate it back to Chinese/

奖学金的条件是必须拥有五个科目,所以我几乎每天都有课。(The requirements of scholarships is must have five subjects, therefore i almost have classes everyday.

周末,我也必须学习。 (Weekend, i have to learn also)

如果我有空闲的时间,我会尝试在星期五和朋友一起出去游玩及在星期日与妈妈一起共餐. (If i have free time, i will try to go out and play with friends on Friday, and having meals with mother on Sunday.

有时我担心我没时间。 (Sometimes I worry that I do not have time).

如实, 我很忙和不能等到休息。 // im not sure what you're trying to express here

但是, 我觉得这些机会是很庆幸的 。 (However, I feel that these opportunities are very fortunate)

  • 通过这路,中文给Amnesty International是“国际特赦组织”。
    – Fan Zheng
    Apr 22, 2015 at 21:16

我下课以后常常去实习。 实习结束之后继续上课。 我的最后一节课有时下午六点结束,有时晚上八点结束。然后开始我的家庭作业。 每个星期我有至少有一次Amnesty International会议. 这是我跟我的男朋友建立(establish or join?)的一个人权组织。 如果有会议,会议结束后才开始家庭作业。 我的奖学金需要五门课,所以我每天有课。 周末,我也学习很多。 如果我有时间,星期五跟我的朋友们玩,星期天陪我的妈妈吃饭,但是经常没有时间。 的确, 我很忙,几乎没有休息。但是不管怎么说,我有这些机会还是心怀感激的。

  • I'd use 创建 instead of 建立 in 这是我跟我的男朋友建立的一个人权组织
    – user58955
    Oct 13, 2014 at 15:18
  • 会议结束后才开始家庭作业 -> 会议结束后才开始家庭作业; 我的奖学金需要五门课 -> 我的奖学金需要我上五门课. To make it reads more smoothly, 星期五跟我的朋友们玩 -> 星期五会跟朋友们玩, 星期天陪我的妈妈吃饭 -> 星期天会陪妈妈吃饭
    – user58955
    Oct 13, 2014 at 15:21
  • If you mean starting an Amnesty International club at your school to similar, I would use "社团."
    – Timothy Gu
    Oct 16, 2014 at 0:34

我下课以后常常去我的实习(去实 习)。 “here,我的 can be leave out”

我以后我的实习我有课一遍。 do you mean 我实习后都有课 l have lessons after pratice

我的最后课六时(六课时)完毕某些天, 八时其他天。


至少有一次每个星期我有Amnesty International会议.(我至少每个星期有Amnesty International会议。)


如果我有会议,我得回家作业我开始后。 我得回家后开始做作业



如果我有时间,我星期五试试玩儿跟我的朋友们,和星期日吃饭跟我的妈妈。 我会星期我跟我的朋友们玩,星期日跟妈妈吃饭

有时我恐怕没有时候。 有时我恐怕没时间

如实, 我很忙和不能等到(得到 )休息。 cannot wait for having a rest
i cannot have a rest ➡️ 得不到休息

但是, 我有这些机会是很祝福。我有这些机会很开心。

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