The question itself is already sufficient in description. Whose brilliant brain had the idea to coerce this nonsensical additional commentary text on us?

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  1. [conj.] (almost=while) a conj. with slight sense of transition/suppose, can be translated into: and;furthermore;moreover;but also;into the bargain;if;in case;however.


从古沿用下来的连词,可连接词、短语和分句,表示多种关系 [and;furthermore;moreover;but also;into the bargain;if;in case;however]

  • (1) (listing) 表示并列关系

永州之野产异蛇,黑质而白章。—— 唐· 柳宗元《捕蛇者说》

Wilderness of Eishu(Yongzhou) produces peculiar snakes, whose skin black and texture white.

  • (2) (progressing) 表示递进关系


Kunshi (Junzi) (a noble one) broadly studies and furthermore daily introspect into himself.

  • (3) (a slight casual relationship) 表示承接关系

余方心动欲还,而大声发于水上。——宋· 苏轼《石钟山记》

I was just hesitating to go home, when great sound generates from the waters.

  • (4) (slight transition) 表示转折关系


Ao (qin) is taken from Ai (lan), yet bluer/darker than Ai(lan).

  • (5) (surmise) 表示假设关系

诸君而(如果)有意;瞻余马首可也。——清· 徐珂《清稗类钞·战事类》

You fellows if interested, up-look into my horse's head's orientation.

  • (6)(modification, similar to suffix -ly in English) 表示修饰关系,连接状语

吾恂恂而起。——唐· 柳宗元《捕蛇者说》

I uneasily got up.

  1. [pron.] you,your; this


  • (1) 你;你的 [you;your]


I know you are innocent.

  • (2) 这样,此 [this]


Same enforced, you being so and I also being.

  1. [aux.]


  • (1) (modification, "as to the extent") 表示偏正关系,相当于“之”,“的” [of]


Go(yu, ancient country) treating Kaku(guo, ancient country), take reciprocal reliance as the situation.

  • (2) (comparison, though sometimes the same positioning can be case 1.6) 与“上”、“下”、“前”、“后”、“来”、“往”连用,相当于“以”


Up to entity is called Tao, down to entity called mechanism.

  1. [mod.]


  • (1) (negative question) 用于句中,表示反问,相当于“难道”,“岂” [how could;how is it possible]


To practice kindness is out of oneself, how could it be out of others?

  • (2) (exclamation) 用于句末,相当于“耳”,“哪”


Finished already, finished already, today's politicians are stupid as such!


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