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Le aspect or modal particle

In the sentence “即使在教室,他们仍然保留了自由散漫的天性”, is 了 an aspect particle or a modal particle? I thought that the modal particle needed to be at the end of the sentence, but I’m not sure why it would be an ...
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Function of 了 Completion of Action or Change of State

Sometimes I find it hard to distinguish between a) 了1 (completion of action) and b) 了2 (change of state). In the following examples, I couldn't find out what kind 了 it is? 我不能和你一起去买自行车了. a) I couldn'...
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Using 了 for referring to habits

So far, I've learned that 了 is an aspect marker, not a tense marker. That is, 了 indicates "the aspect of finishing a task, regardless of tense". However, during my studies, so far I have ...
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