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For questions relating to the Chinese calendar and holidays, including date formats.

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When years are (or were) written using Hanzi numerals, what are the usual variants/options?

I believe that these days, years would be written almost all of the time using Western/Arabic numerals in the Gregorian calendar. But they must sometimes be written using the Hanzi numerals, e.g. in ...
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Sequence of Chinese characters for keeping track of days of the year

I wonder whether anyone has knowledge of any sequence of Chinese characters used for describing such a list (one character for each of the 365 days in a year). Such a list could be memorized by people ...
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What do the words 大 and 小 mean in a calendar?

In the Chinese textbook I study, in the section teaching calendar and dates, there are tables showing different dates. The following words are written vertically: 九月小, 十月大, 十二月大, I couldn't figure it ...
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Date format in Chinese

I would like to display dates in different scenarios as given below. Could someone please help with correct Chinese date format for each case. I tried to find but coudldn't find something useful,so I ...
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How many days does a 节气 last for?

People usually say there are 24 Solar Terms (24节气) in a year, and each lasts 15 days. If so, 24x15 days = 360 days. But a year has at least 365 days. Does it mean some 节气 have more than 15 days?
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Confused about 民国 dates on receipts

I have been in Taiwan for about two weeks. Some of my shopping receipts have 民国 dates, some have Gregorian, and some have both. What I find confusing is that when there is both, the day is not always ...
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Does 2010年10-12 means October to December of 2010, or October 12th, 2010?

I want to know whether 2010年10-12 indicates a range or an specific date.
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六一 and short date format

In a calendar I saw this in reference to the Children's Day: 快乐“六一” Happy Children's Day! I guess 六一 is a shorter form of 6月1日. Is that form of writing dates only used for special dates? How ...
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How to express a date in Chinese (lunar) calendar?

Many traditional festivals are observed on a given date on the Chinese (lunar) calendar(Actually, the Chinese calendar is a lunisolar calendar). For example, the Spring Festival falls on the first day ...
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